“I loved this training as it helps to make sense of the world & how we operate in it.  Joe is a fantastic trainer, is a great guy and I love being in his trainings.  Thank you for the opportunity to participate!”

- Meredith Martinek, Corlette NSW

“Joe kept the energy up the entire time.  We as a group all felt deeply transformed by Joe’s challenging delivery.  Thank you, and I recommend this training to anybody who is looking for more from their lives.”

- Scott Lawrence, Melbourne VIC

“I loved that I could get so much clarity regarding decisions that I need to make in order for me to follow my dreams.  It’s scary but also liberating to know that I make my own success and my own happiness.”

- Erin Taylor, Melbourne VIC

“I came to this training feeling like my ‘unhappiness’ was because of outside sources.  I learnt that I am able to take responsibility for that through being aware of my own human behaviours.  Joe’s own stories about his own ‘human faults’ made me feel ok about myself as I was realizing some of the negative things I do.”

- Rachel, Kew VIC

“I thought Joe was totally amazing – he really made a difference in a lot of our lives.  I totally recommend the event to anyone…even if they think there is nothing that needs improving in their lives.”

- Mary-Anne Ryan, Hawthorn East VIC

“The content was remarkable and really resonated with me.  I’ve been to many seminars in my education journey and thought that this one was amongst the very best.”

- Maria Hobbs, Geelong VIC